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Hi. I'm Mary. And this is my fangirl blog for all things OUAT, Rumbelle, and Mad Swan. With a side of Robert Carlyle obsession appreciation. ♥

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The thing about Rumplestiltskin is that when he gives Belle something he’s not like “oh here’s a bracelet girls like this kind of stuff right?” but more “I know you like books but I didn’t know which one you’d like best so I got them all.” and that’s fucking adorable.

1x22 // 3x14


do you ever wonder what you’d be into if you didn’t start reading weirdly kinky fic when you were like 12


In which we begin to wonder just what kind of books Belle reads

Dude, she fell in love with The Dark One… I’ve always had my suspicions about what kind of books she reads.

Rumplestiltskin, doting boyfriend.